The most dramatic parameter of laser performance was the Shape formed by laser movement. We observed 10 distinct Shapes, and scored each subject for use of each Shape. In some analyses, we considered only the number of distinct shapes formed, while in other cases we considered the shapes themselves.

The ten shapes:

Horizontal Line
Vertical Line
Diagonal Line
Horizontal Wiggle
Large Square

The "Following" shape consisted of tracing a line or object displayed in a slide. "Compound" shapes consisted of multiple shapes formed during a single pointing bout. "Area" shapes attempted to fill a region displayed on the slide. "Large Square" was a single incident in which the subject outlined the entire slide. "Horizontal Wiggle" shapes were deliberate vertical movement superimposed on an overall horizontal shape, and were not due to simple "jitter," which was not quantified.

Of these shapes, the Circle was the most common, followed closely by the Point and the Horizontal Line. Other shapes were used more sporadically by the subjects.