Dr. Jonathan Dale is the founder of the Institute For Laser Pointer Studies, as well as its webmaster. He also collected all of the laser pointer usage data. When not pursuing important ILPS science, he studies invertebrate behavior and sensory biology, especially chemosensory orientation in starfish, and is presently looking for a new position.

Dr. Becky Talyn provided important, needlessly complicated statistical analyses and figures, as well as consulting on experimental design. She is presently on the faculty of Depauw University.

Sue Schreiber provided further commentary on experimental design, and is responsible for the ILPS's follow-up study (not yet released to the public). She is a doctoral student at the University of New Hampshire.

Dr. Jennifer Basil provided the initial impetus behind laser pointer studies. She is on the faculty of Brooklyn College, where she studies the behavior of nautilus and crayfish.