ICE has a new roleplaying system, HARP (High Adventure RolePlaying). HARP is a streamlined and simplified relative of Rolemaster, with some new ideas like scalable spells. HARP was released in 2003 and shows that ICE has kept up with the times. It is easier and faster to play than Rolemaster, as well as more flexible. At the same time, it hasn't become as cinematic as D20.

I've written a character generation spreadsheet for HARP. Written for Excel 97 and later, it also works in Excel 98 for the Mac. (This is for the Revised second printing of HARP.) Updated 10/20/2004 with all of the material from Monsters: A Field Guide and a few new features. (10/20 version also fixes Endurance, PP, and RR bonuses for undead templates.)

This spreadsheet is also available on the official HARP site, but will be updated more rapidly here if I make changes.