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Character Generator

This is the most popular and widely used RMFRP/RMSS character generator written as an Excel spreadsheet, downloaded over 8,100 times from this site as of 8/31/2004 (plus an unknown number of times from the Vault on the ICE site). Download the RMFRP character generation spreadsheet for Excel97 or higher (the zipped file is around 430k). The current version is 11/30/2003. Most recent additions: TPs from the Construct Companion. Features:

Note for users of newer versions of Excel: to see the special menu options, go on the ribbon menu to Add-Ins and click the Rolemaster pulldown.

Here are some sample pages: the Stats page as seen in Excel, and the Combat Status Sheet and Spell-Casting Modifier Sheet as printed out.

The Training Package browser is shown to the right. The Training Package list is the left panel, and the skills in the selected TP are on the right.

Also still available, the last version of the spreadsheet to support Excel 5.0. It shares some of the same features, but has not been updated since 3/5/2000 (and a lot has happened since then). I am not doing any more work in Excel 5.0 but have left this here for those who do not have Excel97, 2000, or XP.

Designing Races

Excel97 sheet for designing races. It's pretty straightforward (ideally you have RMFRP's Gamemaster Law, which contains the relevant rules, and you'll need Character Law for the Talents and Flaws). (Modified 8/26/2002 to display data in the format of the character generation sheet, for easy copying and pasting.)

Working With Probability

After a discussion on the RM mailing list, I wrote this Excel97 spreadsheet to generate Probability Tables. Given an event with a certain probability of happening within a given period of a given duration, this determines the chance of the event happening X times, and creates an open-ended percentile roll table for randomly determining how many times it will occur. This could be used, for example, to determine how many times a character is struck by falling rocks during a cave-in, or how many members of a group drown during a shipwreck, or how many people in a city catch the plague. It also includes a table of the probability (single or cumulative) of any result between -300 and 400, from an open-ended d100 roll.

Designing Professions

EXPERIMENTAL: This is a very unofficial Profession Designer for RMSS/RMFRP. Based on a selection of one or two realms (Arms, Discipline, Subterfuge, Mundane, Essence, Channeling, Mentalism, or Arcane), it determines base costs for the resulting profession, which may then be adjusted (within the range of normal costs for any given skill). Full instructions and guidelines are included on the instruction page, and it also has a Training Package cost calculator so you can determine TP costs for your new profession.

This method seems to work well for most professions; the possible exception is that semis in the Essence and Arcane realms have relatively high skill costs, reflecting the same pattern for Pures in those realms. This is appropriate if such semis also have spell lists that are more powerful than the base lists for semis in other realms.

Create New Combat Tables

EXPERIMENTAL: This is another unofficial creation, this time with the purpose of exploring how the combat tables are created. This sheet will generate complete combat tables, when given just a few weapon parameters (type of attack, lowest roll to generate a hit, maximum damage against AT 1), and provides some additional parameters to reflect strength or weakness against certain armors. The formulas are a little intense but I tried to explain all the weapon and armor parameters, so if you disagree with one (e.g. to what degree does armor slow you down), you can see what happens if you change it.

Other Rolemaster Material

My other Rolemaster material has moved to the Iron Crown Enterprises website, in The Vault. That includes:

I also have three articles in the Guild Companion: