You probably came to this page because you don't even believe such things could exist. Fortunately, I have scoured the earth and racked my brain to amaze you with a few such gems.

This first is my favorite, a poem by Carmen Bernos de Basztold, translated from the French original by John Lawrence.

Prayer of the starfish

The depths have closed over me.
Am I not
like Lucifer
fallen from heaven
and abandoned
to the torments of the waves?
I look like a blood star.
I try to remember
my distant royalty
but in vain.
Crawling on the sand,
I open my arms
and I dream, I dream, I dream...
could not an angel
pull me up
from the bottom of the sea
to place me again
in Your heaven?
Ah! one day,
.                                  so be it!

Herein,  you will also find:

An excerpt from Naomi Mitchison's Memoirs Of A Spacewoman (published in 1985 by The Woman's Press Limited, Great Britain, but it dates back to at least 1962).  The book also begins with accounts of establishing communication with radial, starfish-like entities.

A rather tongue-in-cheek pseudo-Native American creation myth for the starfish that I am almost embarrassed to take credit for. Some of the biogeography is a bit odd, but that's hardly the point, now, is it? This is what happens when you let an almost-graduated senior (it was some time ago) take a creative writing class while finishing a project on starfish coordination and assisting in an intertidal organisms field course. The best comment this story recieved at the time was, "Turn back now, there's still hope for you!"