Clear Weather

This app was originally created by Scott Bradford and released under the name "No-Nonsense Weather."  After he removed it from the app catalog, I updated it to run full-screen on the Touchpad and Pre3 and resubmitted it with his permission as Clear Weather.

Pre3 weather viewFeatures:
Weather at your current location (based on GPS) or you can enter a zip code
Five-day forecast with thumbnails and description for day and night
Warnings and alerts
Simple weather radar view, either current or animated
All weather info comes directly from the National Weather Service
No ads of any kind

Weather information is available only for US locations.

Screen Captures:
Pre: weather warnings radar preferences
Pre3: weather warnings radar preferences
Touchpad: weather warnings radar preferences

Clear Weather is open-source and released under the GNU General Public License 2.0.

Available in the App Catalog.

Comments and suggestions can be posted in the PreCentral forum:

Version history:
0.7.0 is the first version. Source code.
Only modifications from No-Nonsense weather 0.6.0 are full-screen Touchpad and Pre3 support, addition of a Back button in the Preferences (required for Touchpad), and a fix for the radar images.

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Updated 11/30/2011