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Textures I Have Known

These are small (100x100) samples of tile sets I've made for Dundjinni. Click any image to get the whole set (this will take you to the Dundjinni forums). I have lots of objects in the forums, too, but haven't found a good way to index them yet.

Plant and other natural textures

These tile sets are all from photos of natural terrain, especially plants.

Stone and earth textures

Photo textures of earth and stone.

Water and winter textures

Textures of water, snow, and ice.

Textures from Mars

Textures made from photos taken by Mars Rovers.


Too unique to have a category.


Links to complete maps posted to the Dundjinni forums.

Grove of Summer — An oasis of summer surrounded by snow.

Forgotten Graveyard — A partially overgrown graveyard.

Kanthos Sewers — Stone sewers under the city of Kanthos.

DundjinniTile Set TutorialObject TutorialPhoto TutorialGallery